Redefining Global Healthcare.

Unleashing the value of medical data for the new decentralised healthcare economy.

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About Iryo

Iryo is a future-proof healthcare protocol that allows for innovative solutions within a legacy industry.

Useful Health Data

Useful Health Data

Iryo creates globally interoperable medical data with openEHR archetypes, allowing patients to take medical histories with them.

Iryo Network
Public Blockchain

Public Blockchain

Zero-knowledge encrypted health data and public blockchain access control allow patients to securely share their medical history.

Iryo Ledger
Iryo Tokens

Iryo Tokens

A new economic model for the medical industry. Patients are incentivised to leverage their own medical data to enable cutting-edge research.

Iryo Tokens
Value-added Services

Value-added Services

Iryo supports the creation of cross-platform, medical apps within the healthcare ecosystem, allowing open-source collaboration.

Iryo Clinics

Iryo Clinics

An international network of Iryo certified clinics will create a global shift towards patient-driven healthcare.


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Iryo for Patients



Institutional data ownership

Limited access to personal medical records.

Limited interoperability

Medical data is fragmented across a variety of incompatible systems.

Low-level security

Unauthorised parties can exploit personal medical data.


Self-sovereign data

Complete access & control over one’s own medical record.

Maximum interoperability

Interconnected systems allow for highly effective treatment options.

Unrivalled security

Health records stored in zero-knowledge & secured with modern cryptography.

Iryo for Medical Staff

Medical Staff


Redundant medical systems

Medical staff are forced to enter similar data across multiple systems.

Outdated user platforms

Inefficient medical platforms increase wait times for treatment & disrupt medical workflows.

Limited IT support

Lack of IT support can lead to improper decision-making and decrease working efficiency.


Single-entry system

Keeps data points consistent across all systems within the clinical workflow.

User friendly platform

Tailored and highly dynamic platforms enable efficiency within clinical workflows.

On-demand support

Effective IT support gives hospital staff the ability to better allocate their resources.

Iryo for Researchers



Limited research capabilities

Vendor-specific medical data hinders effective AI & big data analysis.

Narrow research scope

Fragmented data inhibits the ability to accurately target specific populations.

High costs

Ineffective data-gathering leads to an increase in research expenditure.


Augmented research capabilities

Standardised medical data sets enable the utilisation of big data, AI & machine learning.

Broad research scope

Targeted access to large pools of highly effective, anonymous medical data.

Predictive costs

Standardised data-gathering solutions enable a decrease in institutional expenditure.

Iryo for Clinical Managers

Clinical Managers


Single vendor lock-in

Hospitals & clinics are locked into vendor-specific IT ecosystems.

Ever-increasing medical costs

Legacy medical systems disrupt workflows and increase managerial overhead.

Centralised low-level security

Locally stored medical data is subject to cybersecurity attacks.


Multi-vendor options

Iryo enables medical institutions to be flexible when choosing third-party providers.

Cost friendly solutions

Dynamic medical IT infrastructure solutions drive administrative costs down.

Decentralised zero-knowledge security

Highly encrypted medical data allows for the reallocation of medical IT resources.

Iryo Network Suite

A new era of data interoperability, privacy and control.

Standardised Health Data

The Iryo Network is built on openEHR archetypes to ensure globally interoperable health data.

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Zero-knowledge Data

Medical data is encrypted with zero-knowledge protocols to guarantee security & privacy.

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Unified EHR

Unified medical records enable the efficient exchange of patient data between subjects of trust.

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Open-source API

Iryo encourages developers to create their own solutions with the use of our open-source API.

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Private Key Management

Your keys, your data. ZeroPass’ secure key management & recovery solution ensures you never get locked out.

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