Redefining Global Healthcare.

Unleashing the value of medical data for the new decentralised healthcare economy.
Useful Health Data

Useful Health Data

Iryo creates globally interoperable medical data with openEHR archetypes, allowing patients to take medical histories with them.

Iryo Network
Public Blockchain

Public Blockchain

Zero-knowledge encrypted health data and public blockchain access control allow patients to securely share their medical history.

Iryo Ledger
Iryo Tokens

Iryo Tokens

A new economic model for the medical industry. Patients are incentivised to leverage their own medical data to enable cutting-edge research.

Iryo Tokens
Value-added Services

Value-added Services

Iryo supports the creation of cross-platform, medical apps within the healthcare ecosystem, allowing open-source collaboration.

Iryo Clinics

Iryo Clinics

An international network of Iryo certified clinics will create a global shift towards patient-driven healthcare.

Iryo For Patients


Institutional data ownership

Limited access to personal medical records.

Limited interoperability

Medical data is fragmented across a variety of incompatible systems.

Low-level security

Unauthorised parties can exploit personal medical data.

Iryo Solution

Self-sovereign data

Complete access & control over one’s own medical record.

Maximum interoperability

Interconnected systems allow for highly effective treatment options.

Unrivalled security

Health records stored in zero-knowledge & secured with modern cryptography.

Iryo For Patients

Iryo For Medical Staff


Redundant medical systems

Medical staff are forced to enter similar data across multiple systems.

Outdated user platforms

Inefficient medical platforms increase wait times for treatment & disrupt medical workflows.

Limited IT support

Lack of IT support can lead to improper decision-making and decrease working efficiency.

Iryo Solution

Single-entry system

Keeps data points consistent across all systems within the clinical workflow.

User friendly platform

Tailored and highly dynamic platforms enable efficiency within clinical workflows.

On-demand support

Effective IT support gives hospital staff the ability to better allocate their resources.

Iryo For Medical Staff

Iryo For Researchers


Limited research capabilities

Vendor-specific medical data hinders effective AI & big data analysis.

Narrow research scope

Fragmented data inhibits the ability to accurately target specific populations.

High costs

Ineffective data-gathering leads to an increase in research expenditure.

Iryo Solution

Augmented research capabilities

Standardised medical data sets enable the utilisation of big data, AI & machine learning.

Broad research scope

Targeted access to large pools of highly effective, anonymous medical data.

Predictive costs

Standardised data-gathering solutions enable a decrease in institutional expenditure.

Iryo For Researchers

Iryo For Clinical Managers


Single vendor lock-in

Hospitals & clinics are locked into vendor-specific IT ecosystems.

Ever-increasing medical costs

Legacy medical systems disrupt workflows and increase managerial overhead.

Centralised low-level security

Locally stored medical data is subject to cybersecurity attacks.

Iryo Solution

Multi-vendor options

Iryo enables medical institutions to be flexible when choosing third-party providers.

Cost friendly solutions

Dynamic medical IT infrastructure solutions drive administrative costs down.

Decentralised zero-knowledge security

Highly encrypted medical data allows for the reallocation of medical IT resources.

Iryo For Clinical Managers

Iryo Network Suite

Standardised Health Data

The Iryo Network is built on openEHR archetypes to ensure globally interoperable health data.

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Zero-knowledge Data

Medical data is encrypted with zero-knowledge protocols to guarantee security & privacy.

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Unified EHR

Unified medical records enable the efficient exchange of patient data between subjects of trust.

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Open-source API

Iryo encourages developers to create their own solutions with the use of our open-source API.

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News and events

Ljubljana - January 17th, 2017

The First Deployment of Iryo: Improving Healthcare for Refugees.

Iryo has partnered with Walk With Me, a non-profit organisation organisation to provide the IT infrastructure needed to improve the quality of healthcare for the refugees in the Middle East. Walk With Me currently operates 12 projects in 6 countries — Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Djibouti, totalling 11 million refugees. Additional clinics are planned to be established in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and Turkey, with a long-term vision of reaching 700 camps worldwide. Medical care is currently provided in prefabricated containers stocked with basic medical equipment. Telemedicine consultations are provided through a collaboration with Ver2 — a company based in Dubai, whose CEO, Brian de Francesca, is an Iryo advisor. The pilot deployment of the Iryo EHR system will begin in refugee camps located throughout the Beqaa Valley of Lebanon. Additionally, the Iryo system will also be used for tele-medical consultations. This will enable doctors on the ground to get on-demand support from experts in the global medical community.

Ljubljana - December 13th, 2017

Iryo presented to the Slovenian community., a Slovenian community of digital health and medtech members, invited Iryo to present at their annual Healthday event. Iryo’s CEO, Vasja Bočko explained how Iryo’s initial founder, 3fs, decided to enter the healthcare space with the notion that healthcare IT and the development of health data management systems could be improved by adoption of open standards, collaboration and transparency. Iryo’s EHR platform will be based on a “universal format” for data recording, which is powered by openEHR archetypes. The platform will be open sourced, with APIs built by top level developers. Iryo believes that by making the source code public, trust within the system increases, and overall security increases as well due to the collaborative nature.

London - November 28th, 2017

Permissioned Blockchains: A contradiction in terms.

London based blockchain event, Securing Digital Identities, organised by the British REFORM think-tank, Iryo’s CEO, Vasja Bočko participated as a panelist in the roundtable. The discussion was about the potential of using blockchain technologies for government services. Proposals backed the adoption of permissioned blockchains, which act as a compromise between fully centralised and decentralised alternatives. Iryo’s position was that permissioned blockchains effectively create a “private-public ledger.” Iryo stands behind the position that the purpose of blockchain is to remove any central authority from controlling all of the data.

Iryo’s CEO, Vasja Bočko was invited to contribute a guest blog on The Reform blog: The potential of blockchain for healthcare – the hype and the reality

London - October 25th 2017

Iryo reveal at Healthcare Unblocked.

After a year of research and assembling the team, Iryo was presented to the public for the very first time at Healthcare: Unblocked - Europe’s first public event fully dedicated to exploring, understanding and pursuing the potential of Blockchain technology to deliver healthcare innovation. As the main organiser, Helen Disney, mentioned in her opening remarks, blockchain projects in healthcare are already a reality and many new players are coming to the market. Our CEO Vasja Bočko, talked about the traditional misconceptions around blockchain and trends around data ownership and security. Iryo is addressing such issues by removing the need for patient identity verification and by redefining medical data ownership, access and value with the use of cryptography and blockchain.

Berlin - November 29th, 2017

Presenting Iryo at Data Natives 2017.

At the 3rd Data natives conference - a healthcare conference on how data has become part of our new cultural identity, our business developer Tjaša Zajc, talked about the digital transformation of healthcare and medicine. Based on her observations as a patient, healthcare journalist and host of Medicine Today on Digital Health Podcast, she mentioned that healthcare is facing many issues, but trends are moving towards a user-centric ecosystem; where a good user experience is put in the forefront. One of her main remarks where that alongside the outcome and value based payments, new business models that incorporate blockchain technology are improving healthcare access and delivery.

Dubai - October 25th 2017

Iryo presents at Healthcare Dubai.

Iryo’s CEO Vasja Bočko, and its business developer, Tjaša Zajc, presented their view on digital health trends and blockchain potential at a one day workshop on blockchain applications in Dubai. The Dubai Health Authority, United Health Group, Health At Hand, HeyDoc, Herman Miller, Vamed were present amongst others. The event was organised by Iryo’s global partner - Ver2 - a Dubai based service provider for telemedical solutions, currently providing telediagnostics, teleradiology, tele-monitoring and tele consultations in the developing world. Dubai strives to become the first city on blockchain by 2020, achieving that with the help of a city wide blockchain strategy published in 2016.